Child in the Sun recently started a Day Care Program (DCP) for the development of the youth. Until today CISun has been looking after boys of 13 to 17 years of age. The DCP includes boys above 17 years up to 25.

The target group of the DCP
Youth on the streets

These youth may have regular contact with their families and an educational system, and may even return every night to sleep at home. Nonetheless, they spend most days and some nights working and socializing on the street because of, for example; poverty, overcrowding, sexual or physical abuse at home. Of the different categories, this is the most numerous.

Youth of the streets

These youth have little or no contact with relatives, are homeless, and fully lack parental, emotional and psychological support. They often move from place to place, living in shelters and abandoned buildings. This number, although difficult to measure, is relatively small worldwide