At present we have two centres one at Manzese, which is a Drop in Center and another, is at Mbezi-Makabe, which is the main center. We are able to give assistance directly to 25 and 80 children through Manzese and Mbezi centres respectively.

The Manzese drop in center

The drop in centre acts as a temporary shelter for street children. Social workers and field staff recruit children directly from the street. There has been a recent increase in street children, sometimes through volunteers, networking with NGOs and the Social Welfare Offices we get children to our centre.

After being sent to Manzese drop in centre for rehabilitation process, we first provide basic needs like bathing, cloth, food and shelter. The counselor interacts with the children to get information about each child. It is the duty of the social worker to understand the needs of the children and provide proper guidance

The right based education creates awareness about various Govt programs, law and order of the society and respect for each other. This awareness program also sreduce the crime rate in the city. The day class starts at 9 am and ends at 12 pm. The participants will be reunified at the end of their program.